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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Eco Park

Dude. Have you even looked for it? For what? For that tree. For those trees you say you planted way back then. For the trees you say aren’t there. That Google doesn’t show. Yes. I’ve looked. They aren’t there. You’re wrong, man. They’re there.  Show me. Right here. Just south of the Eco Park Apartments, […]


They tricked me back then and had me plant a tree. Out on the west side of town. Dig a hole with others and put a young tree in it. They tricked me, and we planted those trees that I thought would grow into a grove. But they didn’t. I’ve looked at Google, and they […]

The Corner Spot

We were talking about the stories behind these pictures. So what’s going on with this one? Hmm… there’s no stunning story, here. Yet… First of all, this is the top of the hill where the breeze comes out of the west (to the right in the picture) and blows the mosquitos mercifully back into the […]

Spiny Lizard

We sat in the front yard on the bench, Izzy and I. It was shady under the Monterey Oak, and we both needed to cool down. So we just sat there looking around and enjoying the breeze. Then something caught my eye. Against the house. Behind the Coral Honeysuckle. In the dappled light. Between the […]

Cold, Sweet Grapes

I started out slowly, quickly dropping toward the back of the back. When we got to the water stop a mere mile into the run, there were other people behind, but I kept going and many of them turned around at that point, so I was quickly at the end of our line of runners, […]

Taking Out the Compost

The compost pail was chuggin’ full. There were a day’s worth of coffee grounds from work in a Folger’s can on the counter. And there was a bowl of vegetable scraps from the tasty treat Trudy was preparing. Time for a compost run before it got dark. This is the contract we have, the fair […]

That Amazing Thing

It was a long weekend. It was Sunday, so we parked at Spec’s and walked to the Violet Crown Trail trailhead where we began our hike. As we walked thru the Oak and Juniper and Elm forest, the path descended into a canyon. We stepped on white limestone ledges. Years and countless years of encroaching and receding […]