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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Sitting Outside Being Not

It was chilly this morning — by Central Texas standards. At lunchtime in the park, we sat in the sun to warm our bones. It will be blisteringly hot soon enough. So the cool air blowing against our faces as we walked thru the woods was medicine for the soul and inoculation for the coming […]

I Thought It Was Going To Be Easier

Old People

It was lunch time. We were eating barbecue. We do that a lot, he and I. He was telling me something about a friend he has back home. She’s a woman roughly his mother’s age, if I got the gist. He stopped for a moment and looked at me. (It was just the two of […]

Getting Caught in a Blood Trap

Julia texted me from Kentucky with what I thought was a question. She asked if I knew what color blood is when it’s in our arteries and veins. There’s the easy answer, and then there’s the question of blue-blooded veins. And seeing as how I didn’t really know the answer, I made our back-and-forth texting […]

boogie on

This is what happens after a dinner of TexMex followed by an evenings of iTunes. Forgive me, please. It’s Friday. Might you recover from the week you had! … and enjoy the weekend!



In what distant deeps or skies Burnt the fire of thine eyes? –William Blake, The Tyger image: NASA/JPL more info

Blue-Eyed Grass

Among the flowers making their appearance in the yard this spring are two clumps of Blue-Eyed Grass. This was the first Texas wildflower I fell deeply in love with. May spring bring happiness to you.

On Redbud Seed Pods

The Dogwoods and Redbuds are flowering in Kentucky, they told me.  “Did you know that Redbud blossoms are edible?” I asked. There was silence on the phone, or perhaps it was hesitant mumbling. “I haven’t tried it myself,” I said. “Our Texas Redbud doesn’t put out that many blossoms…”  “And the seed pods are supposed […]

Anniversary 15

It’s been fifteen years. (How time passes when… time passes.) For our anniversary celebration yesterday, we hiked the long loop at Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve.  At first there were meadows with Hill Country vistas. There were wildflowers, yellow and purple, many of which we could identify and marveled at but some of which we had […]