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The Fred Meijer Heartland Trail

Thu, 1 Jul 2021, 07:11 PM (-06:00)

1. Waiting for Wildlife Northeast out of Greenville on the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail. It’s a flat, dedicated trail with only one stretch along Peck where you have to share the road from narrow bike lanes painted on either side. The vehicles go by fast, but they go by only once in a while and […]

Sky Turns Black

Wed, 30 Jun 2021, 09:37 PM (-06:00)

Forty years ago a young man spent the summer with his grandparents. They lived in a tiny town. His grandmother talked with him sweetly, showed him where the wild strawberries grew, marveled at his soft hands, introduced him to good friends down the street. His grandfather tried to teach him to use a theodolite, how […]

Morning Activities

Wed, 30 Jun 2021, 10:43 AM (-06:00)

1. On The Western Shore The camp on the western shore of the lake gets direct sun until noon and shade after that. So they swim in the morning.  Today after the swimmers swam and some kayaks returned from a trip perhaps into the next lake, a mass of campers embarked in canoes. (How it […]

Gone the Sun

Tue, 29 Jun 2021, 08:16 PM (-06:00)

The sunset came and went simply this evening. No pyrotechnics. In the distance, there was a pastel blue sky. Central Time Zone over there, don’t you know. Still daylight. The fair and industrious Trudy would have been coming home from shopping at Target under that daylight, perhaps. Nearer at hand, there were clouds gliding over […]

Sharing the Golden Glittering

Tue, 29 Jun 2021, 07:13 AM (-06:00)

How to share it with you, that sunlight on the water? How to describe it, the brilliance of its golden glittering? I cannot. Even the camera cannot. But wait. Perhaps the camera can. There you have it.


Mon, 28 Jun 2021, 04:10 PM (-06:00)

During the day yesterday waves raced out of the southwest, and there were whitecaps on the water. By late afternoon the clouds and rain had passed, and sunlight glinted off gently swelling waves. The late summer evening sunset was remarkable. Today there is barely a breeze on the face of the deep, and a spirit […]

Olivetti Praxis 48

Mon, 7 Jun 2021, 09:51 AM (-06:00)

It was because of poor penmanship. There were several of us who were evidently judged in need of intervention by virtue of how we wrote. Perhaps they will write more neatly if they see how neat things could be. So several times a week, we were excused to a glass-walled room behind our fifth grade […]

Cashews and Pickles

Fri, 28 May 2021, 07:47 AM (-06:00)

She came into the room at the beginning of the sixth period final. It was the last exam of the year. But she was exempt, so I was surprised to see her. “Here, Mr. Hasan,” she said. “Thank you,” her long dark hair framing a relaxed smile. She handed me a card and then left […]

The Abyss

Wed, 26 May 2021, 08:53 PM (-06:00)

“Remember,” I told them. “You have a week to get late homework to me. Anything later than that falls into the abyss.”  I drew a picture. I attached it to the message. In class the next day, I taped it up in the front of the room. “What’s this?” I asked the students. “The abyss,” […]

Very Suspicious

Wed, 26 May 2021, 06:34 PM (-06:00)

It was the second day of final exams. The first period students were coming into the room. I was passing out the answer forms — half-sheets of paper with a box for each multiple choice answer. This class never gets multiple choice tests. They didn’t know what to make of it. “Is that all!?” one […]