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Just When That Was

We bumped into each other in the hall. He and I had actually met a few days ago. He smiled at me like he was seeing and good friend. “Hello!” he said. He mentioned that he had heard that I might be interested in helping with student council. He nodded understandingly when I confessed to [...]


We met at Caspian Grill. “Could we have some must-khiar as an appetizer?” I asked. She glanced up. “The yogurt and cucumber?” “Yes please.” After Kelley and Gregg and Trudy, I ordered the Koobideh and rice.  She glanced up. “The K2?”  “Yes please.” “You like using the names,” she said. I agreed. She smiled. The food was [...]

Our Convocation Chant

It was time for the annual school district convocation of faculty and staff who converged on the special events center on Friday morning. Breakfast was served, which served to motivate on-time arrival, even though parking was tight. Inside the auditorium, we sat by school, each of us wearing a school-specific T-shirt — ours Crayola Blue with [...]

Sending Me Pictures

My brother is sending me pictures. He’s sending me pictures of matriarchs sitting on a porch talking intently as the setting sun lights up their faces. And he’s sending me pictures of sons and daughters. And of sunlight glistening on the water just beyond the dock. He’s sending me these, you see, because he knows I [...]

Wondrous Machine

There’s this machine in the school office. It laminates things. I can report that as of this morning, I have laminated many things: two USGS geographical maps of the Copernicus and Kepler craters on the moon, a high resolution photo-poster of the surface of the sun, a cartoonish rocket ship, a drawing of a Mercury [...]

In Eight Days

She stood at the front of the room speaking into a microphone. It had been a long day, and she was a good speaker to end it with. She was talking about reaching English language learners. “In eight days,” she said, “the children are coming. You have to be ready!” There was some nervous laughter. [...]

Lucky For That Owl

“There is an owl in the birdbath outside my window,” I signaled Trudy. I proceeded to update her on its every move. I was fascinated, since although we’ve had Eastern Screen Owls in our trees for years, I’ve never seen one on the ground.  The owl hopped out of the birdbath and onto the bench, [...]

Making Coffee

1. The Advice I stood in the faculty work room making coffee. Day four of professional development was about to start, and my coffee cup was empty. He with the first empty cup makes the coffee. So there I was. I am new to this place, and had not yet made coffee. I looked down at the [...]

I’ve Got This

They are watching, Jennifer Gonzalez tell us, and she suggests ten ways to lead for the students who are watching us. Number 9 in particular catches my eye: Geek out on the things students think are uncool. Ok, folks, for all the experience I might lack, for all the attributes that I might need to polish, [...]

Real Teachers

Afterwards, a few of us stuck around and chatted: getting to know each other, sharing war stories, challenges, frustrations. I mostly smiled and listened, because although I was happy to meet them, I don’t have war stories or challenges or frustrations (yet). Then one of them said something that made me wonder. “You can see who [...]