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Vanilla Milkshake

Today was “day one”, except that it wasn’t. It was in the sense that I spent the entire day at the high school. It wasn’t in the sense that school hasn’t started yet. It was a professional development day. I took two classes related to some of the online tools we’ll be using. Today was hot. [...]

Splayed Out Charlie

Once in a while when he’s running thru the house, we’ll hear Charlie wipe out. There will be the galloping sound of his feet on the flooring, a sliding sound, and then a crashing/wipe-out sound. It vaguely sounds like he took a corner too fast, except that often there is no corner involved. Sometimes he [...]

Retirement’s End

I have been in pseudo-retirement for two and a half months. In late April I quit my job to focus on my alternative certification class. I had been struggling to find time for the class while I working and commuting. So I quit. Goodbye work. Goodbye commute. Hello pseudo-retirement. I found myself with plenty of [...]


1. Fallen Arches Years ago on the streets of New York City, as the story goes, we were walking along the sidewalk, my brother, my mother, my aunt and I, and as was evidently par for the course, I was lagging behind. My mother used to call me the “Poky Little Puppy,” after the book, [...]

What’s Up With That?

So I will have a job in the fall. Bastrop Independent School District. Cedar Creek High School. Hot dang, but that’s a good thing! Although I confess it will be with some sadness that I say goodbye to pseudo-retirement. And the dogs are sure to be sad, also. They seem to have adapted to The [...]

Public Libraries

0. Bird Baths The Wrens and Chickadees are fluttering around the water I set out in the front yard, yesterday. Their approach is cautious, always cautious. What a lot of work, looking around, hopping from branch to branch before finally satisfying themselves that it’s safe to drink, only to look around some more from the [...]

Cattle Drive House

There were oak trees by the Cattle Drive house. Live Oaks — a cluster of them shading a narrow walkway. But we knew there was a broad swathe of Oak Wilt ravaging the neighborhood back then, and we worried those trees were in its path. The prospect of them dying was painful. They were what [...]

Hard and Harder

Seeing these was hard. Doing this was harder.

Poodle et al.

Funny what you find when you have to clean everything out of a room. Today I found a pile of hand-written papers, among them a half-ripped sheet that had “Fall 2009” in the lower right corner and some untitled notes scribbled in the middle. There are two with check-marks, indicating that they made it into [...]

Notes from Long Ago

There is a Houston phone number on the paper. 703 area code. Old school, not 281. And there are some scribbled notes on the paper, too. At first they bring back nothing. But then then do. Notes from Occupy Austin. Old school. Show up before the crowd Parking meter, dreadlocks and drums Spark hands and mic [...]