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Singing About Seasons

Pam had the students work through an exercise that involved finding people in the large room and writing their names to icons for the four seasons on some cards she had passed out. She walked back to her table and started some music. The room filled with the low roar of people talking. They all [...]

Discussions I Didn’t Ask For

1. The Health Care Center The phone rings. We never pick up anymore, because well over 90% of the calls are junk. We really need to just cancel the landline like the cool kids have long since done. “Hello,” a robovoice announces. “This is the Health Care Center calling about the health plan you just [...]

Lizard and Snake

On my way to water the tomatoes, I spotted a Spiny Lizard sitting on a log in the sun. It did not move. It was watching me warily. I turned to get my camera from the house. When I returned, as I walked barefoot on the grass, I kicked a flimsy twig, swooshing it out [...]

Time for Transplanting Soon

It’s amazing what happens when you push acorns into the dirt — as long as you defend them from squirrels. Check ‘em out: four Monterey Oaks in the foreground and a Lacey Oak photobombing from the back. It’ll be time for translating, soon, where soon is defined as: after the resume and cover letter are finished [...]

I Watched a Sparrow

In the cool of the morning, as a breeze blew in the back, as the sun peeked over the top of the duplexes on the other side of the alley, as birdsong filled the backyard, I watched a Sparrow. It flew in, gliding between the tree trunks, landing on the leaves beside a long log that [...]

Without Fail

Without fail you’ve wanted to know how my sore throat felt. Without fail, you’ve felt the aches and pains and sneezes lurking. Without fail, you’ve asked how things were going, asked when the test results would be in. Because you’ve always cared to know, and you’ve always held your arms around me. Happy Mother’s Day, [...]

A Theory Tested

“Hey Trudy?” I asked as I walked into the dining room to retrieve my (lost) cup of coffee. I had this theory, and I wanted to confirm it with my fair and industrious spouse. My theory was that there’s some kind of energy conservation principle at work in moments of duress — that I turn [...]

Certification Test Countdown

image src: NASA/JPL/Juno – jupiter blues Let us, then, be up and doing, with a heart for any fate… T-2 hours and counting… TODO: shower, eat, drive to the test site. (Take pencils. Take eraser. Take admission ticket. Don’t take anything else.) …learn to labor… Right. Let’s do this, shall we?

Own Things

Somewhere in Kentucky there are three kids doing their own things. My cousin’s kids. The Leader of Cheers. That Lady. The Runner of Races. Doing their own things.

Happy Hour and Sunset (On Mars)

1. Are You Going? “Are you going to your happy hour,” Debra asked. I had been sitting in the office after having turned in my monitors and my laptop and my keyboard and my mouse, after having taken my Philodendron down to the car, after having cleaned my desktop and the counter where the Philodendron [...]