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This Is Helping Me

The day was done. School was over. We sat in the classroom for a while going over the algebra.   When we were finished, she gathered her things and began to walk out of the room. I started to think about the next day. She stopped at the door and looked back. “This is really [...]

Modern Art

It’s late at night. I had a cold brewed coffee in the late afternoon as I graded papers. It was after 3:00. Caffeine after 3:00: not a good idea, he says, with nary a wink of sleep coming over him. It’s an hour before midnight. The full moon is rising and marching with Mars across the [...]

Sometimes it Works, Sometimes Not

I tried to get them talking to each other about math today. Just some light conversation about what kinds of gotchas they thought might trip them up. I had talked about some of the gotchas… dropped negative signs, missed terms, that sort of thing. “Talk to your shoulder partner,” I said. “Share what gotchas you [...]

First Week Retrospective

So the first week of school was pretty good. Sure, there were a few heads down on the desks. And I did collect some phones and ear buds and a book that a student had in their lap. But there was nothing that pushed the limits. Push-the-limits events — belligerence, aggression, cursing… — have been [...]

The Joy of Bamboo Wind Chimes

It was Friday afternoon. The students were working on a foldable. They were alternatively picking up and setting down colored pencils, shading in x-related and y-related things on their papers. The room was dark so that the screen projection of what I was doing was easy to see and follow. The only sound was the clinking [...]

Daddy’s Ties

In the scramble of yesterday morning, I searched for a tie. I have not worn a tie in many years. I had not opened that container forever. It was a difficult search ending in all my ties scattered on the bed and not a one tied around my neck. (For what it’s worth, I saw [...]

Observations from Day 1

1. Good Indicators I left early this morning so that I might get a few final things done in my room. The commute was fine, even though it’s outside the county. Indeed, the drive time is less than half my previous daily commute. As a bonus, I didn’t have butterflies which seemed a bit odd. [...]

The Day Before Tomorrow

I should be reading the newsletter our principal sent this afternoon reiterating the things that need to happen tomorrow, the first day of school. I should be making a few more notes on my plan. I should be getting horizontal. I should be closing my eyes.  But before that, a few words… Morning Meeting. As [...]

Just When That Was

We bumped into each other in the hall. He and I had actually met a few days ago. He smiled at me like he was seeing and good friend. “Hello!” he said. He mentioned that he had heard that I might be interested in helping with student council. He nodded understandingly when I confessed to [...]


We met at Caspian Grill. “Could we have some must-khiar as an appetizer?” I asked. She glanced up. “The yogurt and cucumber?” “Yes please.” After Kelley and Gregg and Trudy, I ordered the Koobideh and rice.  She glanced up. “The K2?”  “Yes please.” “You like using the names,” she said. I agreed. She smiled. The food was [...]