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Yellow Composites

First there are the Bluebonnets. Then come the Indian Paintbrush. Then, if it’s a good year, the Winecups start rising out of the greenery as yellow begins to spread across Central Texas. Yellow. It starts with Texas Star. And then comes Indian Blanket. And then quickly in a cascading profusion of shapes and sizes, come [...]

They Outed Me

1. They Figured It Out “Mister,” she said from the back of the room, trying to get my attention above the hubbub of the five minutes between periods. “Mister!”  “Yes?” I said from where I was standing with my seating roster. “I know how old you are, Mister.” I stopped taking attendance. “How old am [...]

Birthday Report #2

“Wear your black jeans, baby,” Trudy said from across the house, gently reminding me that we had to leave soon.  I clicked SEND to submit the final assignment of my alternative certification class and got up to change, uncharacteristically making no fuss about the fact that Trudy was wearing blue jeans yet had instructed me [...]

Birthday Report #1

Friday was a good day at school. How could it not be? It was my birthday, and although I’ve been coy with my students about my age, I let every period know that it was my birthday. And of course, because the teacher was in a good mood, the students were, too.  In fourth period, [...]

The Old Sailor

There once was an old sailor my grandfather knewWho had so many things which he wanted to doThat, whenever he thought it was time to begin,He couldn’t because of the state he was in. — A.A. Milne, The Old Sailor Time to finish that final assignment on the day after an auspicious birthday, which was [...]

Musing in the Sun

Sitting in the sun on a bench with Mockingbirds singing up and down the street and all around the neighborhood and Izzy semi-slumbering in the dappled shade, her eyes contagiously sleepy, I keep turning around. I turn to look down the street at the Chinkapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii) that I planted in Mary’s yard last [...]

Who Knows

Could it be?Yes it could! Something’s comin’ — something good.Oh I can’t wait. And it just so happens that I don’t have to wait, because Spring Break is here!


I stood at the front of the class and rolled my eyes. It was second period, and it was time to show the video announcements, but another teacher had occupied my room for testing the day before, and I was now unable to connect my laptop to the projector. So I announced that we’d be skipping [...]

Draw Tell Keep Trip Confess Teach

Sometimes I draw cartoonish stick figures on the notes we write in class. Stick figures pointing up at a table and saying, “Hey, we did that last week.” Stick figures holding a figure in the air and saying, “Yes! That’s right.” Stick figures pointing at a logarithm and thinking “Yuck!” in a big red thought [...]


Sometimes I catch glimpses from an alternate multiverse. I have a classroom of students, and I give them open ended assignments, assignments where they read a passage that their professor has strategically selected. They come back (the next day?) to the class and give a summary report and provide some answers to additional questions that [...]