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Ken’s House of Pancakes

So we glided down on Saddle Road in the rain in the dark into the dim, yellow glow of the streetlights of Hilo. We turned right at Hilo Bay, drove by Bayfront Park, passed signs for Liliuokalani Gardens and turned right on Highway 11, prepared for a final climb up toward Kileauea and Ira Ono’s […]

The Music

1. Noticing the Music There was music in the grocery store. How great is that, live music at the grocery store? We walk in thru the sliding doors, and as the smell of the produce surrounds us, there’s guitar music coming from the lobby where a guy is sitting on a stool playing and singing […]

Cookies Next to the Printer

There are cookies, they say. Cookies next to the printer. The printer just over my shoulder. They email the announcement. And people say, “Awesome!” and wander by. Wander by and grab a cookie. Peanut butter. Chocolate chip. M&M. Cookies, I tell you, sitting on that plate next to the printer right over there. Oh, if I […]

Coffee Time

When you cross the border, you go from the Land of Starbucks to the Land of Tim Horton’s. This isn’t a terribly original thought, nor is it entirely accurate, still there’s something here. There’s something reassuring about a Tim Horton’s coffee shop, some kind of gemütlichkeit that you just don’t find in a Starbucks. Although […]

True Grit

We sat in the dark theater at Alamo Drafthouse watching the big screen.  Trudy was eating her fish and chips and drinking a beer.  I was devouring a BLT sandwich and relishing the luxury of hot french fries and ketchup. We were there to see the Coen brothers’ True Grit. This is my report, such as […]

The Trade

He came into the restaurant and sat down at the bar and set seven boxes on the counter—seven boxes of pizza. The restaurant was full, and the wait staff were busy, but when he set those boxes down they all turned their heads and smiled. A tall guy behind the counter seemed to be in […]