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Sunrise: Exercise #3

Sunrise 3 Your days are dull and pass uneventfully. With the days of your youth far behind you and your days of shining dreams dashed by the years, you find it hard to smile. You can’t┬ájump for joy, because there is so little to jump over. You live your life with a cloud hanging over […]

Sunrise: Exercise #2

Sunrise 2 “What’s that?” the boy asked his father. There was a tremble in his voice. The jet was roaring, and their seats where shaking as they raced down the runway. “We’re taking off,” his dad said, nodding to the window. “Watch.” The boy turned and put his nose to the window. White lines on […]

Sunrise: Exercise #1

Sunrise 1 It is bright out there. Yellow sun and shining lakes. Sunrise from the air.

Is That a Journal?

She wore a white sweater and had a pink scarf wrapped around her neck and a fuzzy coat with leopard-like spots. She turned to him as he sat in the window seat writing in a small, gray notebook. “Is that a journal?” she asked. He set his pencil down and turned to her. “Yes it […]

So Many Words

We were trying to figure out what to say. What to put into the memo. What was important. And what was not. I was at the whiteboard jotting down ideas, drawing pictures of how our argument should look. She was typing into a laptop and poking holes in my scribbles and sketches, adding points that […]