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Monterey Oak

  It was a beautiful day. Although the wind was windy, the sun was warm, and the sky was blue. In the afternoon, the leaves of the Monterey Oak glowed in the slanting rays of the lowering sun. An amateur brush such as this can’t hope to render the tree as it stands outside the […]

In the Drizzle

In the drizzle out there somewhere is a beetle trying to stay dry. That beetle that was lumbering along on that log beneath the Live Oak trees. Lumbering along and then climbing up a Morning Glory vine in search of … something. And in the drizzle out there somewhere is a lizard trying to stay […]

Our Monterey Oak

We stood out front briefly. We had just returned home from a weekend away. Ben had fed the dogs and was leaving. He had a weary look on his face, too tired to talk for long. And he was distracted by an incoming call once or twice. As he stood there, he looked across the […]

Snakes in the Grass

There are snakes in the grass, here. We know it. The dogs know it. The birds know it.  1. On the patio I came home the other day, arriving before the fair and industrious Trudy which fact consequently bestowed upon me the task of server of dinner kibble. This is usually the gist of the […]

Irises on a Cloudy Day

The sunshine of yesterday is gone, although they say on the radio that the it might return in the afternoon. The wind chimes are chiming in a warm, springtime breeze. The Irises by the street are standing tall. I saw Mary looking at them as she drove by.

A Butterfly in December

So I’m standing out there. Standing in the yard. In the warm sun. Walking around. Looking at the hidden places back there. I’m standing next to Izzy who has let drop her Bison bone and is trotting to the fence to find the Texas walnut that I just tossed in the leaves.  I’m standing there, and […]

Morning/Evening After The Rains

1. Morning On the way to work, I stopped to sit beside the pool. To watch the fish slowly circle and blow bubbles on the still surface of the water. I stopped to contemplate the Lily Pads. The white blossoms. The peach-colored blossoms. I set my laptop case on the table. And my cucumber snack […]

She Slowed to Look

1. Confusion came with warm weather and rain. Lantana and Lilies. Cowpen and  Four Nerve and Blackfoot Daisies. Salvia and Spiderwort and Prairie Verbena. Ten-petal Anemone and Agarita and Echinacae. Texas Redbud. They all blossomed early, and the yard has exploded in purples and yellows and whites. 2. There is a school girl who walks by our house […]

Great Horned Owls

When we got out of the car, Trudy want into the house, and I went around the side to drop some bottles into the recycling bin. There was a hooting somewhere in the back. I mean a real hoo-hoo-hoo hooting. The kind of clichéd owl sound you might hear on a cartoon. I stood silently, listening […]

As I Sat at My Desk

As I sat at my desk, I looked out the window. A Squirrel was out there, sitting on the old Ash tree stump, bushy tail curled once, curled twice, eating a found pecan. A Monarch fluttered among the yellow Cowpen Daisy blossoms. Lesser Goldfinches splashed in the birdbaths sitting on the ground beneath the Lacey Oak. […]