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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Snookered Throngs

[…] what will happen when the throngs of Obama faithful realise that they gave their hearts not to a movement that shared their deepest values but to a devoutly corporatist political party, one that puts the profits of drug companies before the need for affordable health care, and Wall Street’s addiction to financial bubbles before […]

Afternoon Options

We only do one of two things at the end of the day. I give him his kibble, or we go for a run. And now, it’s the end of the day. He peers silently around the corner. Brown, glossy eyes. Asking that silent question. It’s sunny and mid-70s outside. What do you think we […]

Open Water

It was cold outside. Really cold. I stood at the patio door looking into the yard, holding a cup of hot tea in my hands, watching a trickle of water come from the fountain. The pond reeds were covered in ice. Two Mourning Doves teetered on the edge of the pond trying to get some […]

Jumpingfish 2.0 Kickoff

This is the continuation of rants, observations and musings that used to be posted on jumpingfish/userland, until userland went away. The fish are now jumping here.  Over time I might migrate the old fish to this new pond.  Who knows.