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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Live From Down Under

They’re finally showing the oil gushing forth live. Seems that more’s coming out than what they’ve been saying.

Coming Ashore

And so it comes ashore. Drill, baby, drill! Source: Greenpeace/flickr

Turtles All The Way Down

CBS tried to get a look at oil coming ashore in Louisiana a couple days ago. They have video of a boatload of BP contractors turning them back.  The boat evidently included a couple Coast Guard officers.  It was “BP rules” the Coast Guard officers said, as they told the journalists to turn back under […]

The Small Leak

The leaking BOP a mile below the surface.  Just a small leak. Just a few drops in the ocean. hat tip: kos/video

Here Comes the Sun

We sat on the top of the hill looking down on the stage.  Overhead, stars twinkled in the sky.  Across the amphitheater, over the heads of the crowd sitting on blankets and folding chairs, a great Oak tree stood listening. The Eggmen had been playing since before the sun went down.  With each song, the […]

A Bad Feeling

“I have a bad feeling about what life is going to be like for our children,” I said. We were sitting in the shade relaxing in the afterglow of chocolate chip cookies.  She listened quietly as I struggled to explain my fears. And it really was a struggle. There’s a fine line I walk between simple […]

An Organization She Supports

It’s that time of day—when the organizations call.   “Hello?” I say. There’s a delay on the other end as their auto-dialing software rings up some poor drone.  I sit silently, waiting for them to speak. “Hello?” says the drone, evidently puzzled by the silence. “Yes?” I say, stepping out of the darkness. “Oh hello. […]

This Kind of Mess

Not so long ago, our fearless leader was moving in a different direction than today.  Not so long ago, he said, …oil rigs today don’t generally cause spills.  They are technologically very advanced. [ref: msnbc] That was not so long ago.  Today the situation has obviously changed. Today, there aren’t many people who want to […]

Eigenvalues, Phone Numbers and Externalities

Cleaning up some papers sitting atop my dresser this afternoon, I found a sheet that had the following three things on it. 1. In the center of the page was a statement of the eigenvalue problem: Lf = λ f, residue of a project that never got off the ground. 2. On the right side […]

Black to Beck

Lewis Black (on the Daily Show) gives Glenn Beck some advice: Take it from me, my people have been through this before. First, you gotta find an attic.  Then, hide there for the next three years, and whatever you do, don’t make a sound. We’ll let you know when it’s safe to come out. hat […]