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On Christmas and the Day After

Sun, 26 Dec 2010, 08:09 PM (-06:00) Creative Commons License

1. Crazy On You

The stereo in the study was playing loudly. Heart: Crazy On You. Oh, the guitars—an excellent song to crank the stereo to.

Ben was in the living room passing judgement on the parental choice of tunes. Some got a thumbs up, some not. When this one came on, he looked up and asked, “Is this Talking Heads?”

Trudy and I looked at each other in instant horror.

“What are they teaching the kids in college these days, anyway?” Trudy asked.

2. Boy and Dog

Home for the holidays, the boy is on the couch with the dog.

Both are reclined after a fashion, the boy whispering into the dog’s ears. And Guinness wagging his tail as fast as he possibly can, jumping into the boy’s face and pushing his black body against the boy’s chest.

He is clearly happy that the boy is home again.

3. To Look at Ribbons

“Do you want to look at ribbons?” he asked her.

They were on sale, you see—60% off. And, well, she likes ribbons, and so it was a very sensible thing to ask.

“Oh I have such a wonderful husband,” she said, spreading her arms and giving him a hug and a kiss right there in the middle of the aisle. “He comes with me to the crafts store and asks me out loud for all to hear if I want to look at ribbons!”

But they were on sale, you see—60% off. It really was a sensible thing to ask.

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