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Monthly Archives: October 2011

As I Sat at My Desk

As I sat at my desk, I looked out the window. A Squirrel was out there, sitting on the old Ash tree stump, bushy tail curled once, curled twice, eating a found pecan. A Monarch fluttered among the yellow Cowpen Daisy blossoms. Lesser Goldfinches splashed in the birdbaths sitting on the ground beneath the Lacey Oak. […]

Being Consistent

I looked over at him sitting at the table next to me as he opened his laptop. It wasn’t his usual black monstrosity. It was silver and sleek and had a white bitten-out Apple on the cover. “You have a Mac!” He turned slowly and said, “That’s what you said three weeks ago.” Right. Credit for […]

Beginning to Wonder

“What are you doing, man?” “What do you mean?” “That Occupy Austin thing. Why on Earth are you wasting your time with that?” He stands there thinking for a while. “It’s a movement,” he said. “A movement that captures the spirit of what I think is wonderful with this country to characterize what has me […]

Occupy Ruminations

It must be said that you don’t see these folks toting guns. And you don’t see race-baiting or talk about Jews and ovens or faces of Obama superimposed on fascist uniforms. There are no screaming claims of sodomy or socialism or jokes about Obama rhyming with Osama or pokes at having Hussein as a middle […]

Occupy Impressions

It was 10:30 in the morning. I thought I was late, but the march wasn’t supposed to start for an hour. “Do you need any help?” I asked. “We’ve got it covered,” the girl behind the table told me. But just then someone walked up who did need help. So I filled up helium balloons. […]

I Saw Your Smile

I sat in the chair with my arms over my head and my legs on the footrest. In just minutes I fell asleep, hastened by the full-body soreness of a day of lifting rocks. It was a deep sleep that lasted only a few minutes but left me feeling like a new person (although the […]

occupyaustin people

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…

occupyaustin signs

In front of city hall along Cesar Chavez Street, the sky was blue, the sun was warm, faces were smiling, and cars were honking as they drove by signs held in the air.


Google Him

I said something about John Brown. I said it with an air of excitement so as to make others sit up. Later, I got a note that asked, “Who is John Brown?” My reply was terse: “Google him.” In an instant, my response was on its way. I’d had a long, bad day, and what […]