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Hotel Breakfast

Wed, 18 Jan 2012, 08:58 PM (-06:00) Creative Commons License

When we spoke last, I was recounting a trip to Kentucky. I need to finish the story, and to do that we need to pick up where we left off…

We met in the hotel restaurant for breakfast at 8:00 the morning of ceremony day. Burt and Jenny were there first, of course. And Bette was … Wait, I got that wrong. Of course Bette got there first, having shown up 20 minutes early (just in case). Or was it…

In any event, they were seated there drinking coffee when we wandered in, my mother, my brother and I. Wait, truth be told, we probably didn’t wander in together, since we’d all slept in the same room and had to stagger our use of the shower that morning. Or maybe we waited for each other in the room before we came down. Or …

Well one thing is probably sure: they were all sitting at the table when I wandered in—last (or tied for it). Kind of par for the course with me and mornings.

So there we were in that spacious, sunny room, drinking coffee and eating a mighty fine breakfast served up by students from the college. I should have taken notes, because our talk and laughter covered a lot of ground. Two hours flashed by.

Although from the look on his face, Burt was a bit preoccupied with the upcoming ceremony and the speech he was preparing, for the rest of us it was a luxury to be there that morning with family from far away. It was an absolute joy, even if I didn’t take notes, which might have made the telling of this story a tad bit more compelling.

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