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Monthly Archives: July 2012

On Cementing My Reputation

Prelude And then all eyes fell on me.  “A joke or an embarrassing story about yourself,” was the rule. An embarrassing story, fine, but you know as well as I that the unwritten expectation there was that it be an entertaining embarrassing story. My embarrassments are many, but their entertainment value is nil. So it […]

Not Too Big to Leave

No Personal Banker For You “I’d like to close my account,” I told the teller. She told me I should sit down and wait for a personal banker. I sat down at waited. Across the vast, empty expanse of the bank, a couple personal bankers were busy helping other customers. And when it got to […]

Morning/Evening After The Rains

1. Morning On the way to work, I stopped to sit beside the pool. To watch the fish slowly circle and blow bubbles on the still surface of the water. I stopped to contemplate the Lily Pads. The white blossoms. The peach-colored blossoms. I set my laptop case on the table. And my cucumber snack […]