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Monthly Archives: July 2013

A Dandelion from Free Range Living

From Free Range Living‘s Project 365, comes this dandelion, at which point the pen and the tablet beside me beckon. It does the free range dandelion no justice. It was just a scribble but not bad as a Friday night meditation. Happy weekend.

That Might Have Been Me

So we stood there at the overlook gazing into the distance and into Halema‘uma‘u crater, Pele’s home. The sky was blue. White clouds went by. We could see to the horizon from where we stood. Steam and smoke and volcanic vapors rose into the sky and caught the wind. We stood there for a while viewing the […]

Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea from Kilauea

Another from that trip more than a year ago. We’re getting very near the end… It looks like it’s going to be a nice day. Bits of blue sky are showing thru the clouds here and there, so we go up to Kilauea one more time. We show the gate attendant our receipt from several […]

Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas died yesterday. If you were around during her long tenure, you might still hear her voice in the scrum of the White House press room during those things called press conferences that presidents used to have. She was fearless. And in her later years, she lamented the decline of the fourth estate: … Did […]

A Magnificent View

There was a guy leaning against the stone wall of the  Jagger Museum. He was in the shadows sharing miscellaneous facts and telling stories about the Halema‘uma‘u eruption. He talked about the weather. He talked about Rim Road being closed. And at some point, he mentioned Mauna Kea. We mentioned that we had just been there, […]

Kilauea At Night

Before 2008, there wasn’t much to see here at night. But scientists at the observing station detected sulfur fumes, and then Halema‘uma‘u opened. Today, molten lava from the fire pit flows thru subterranean lava tubes down to the sea. But the best view is here. Well, the best view is here at night. We’ve been here several […]

Hokulani’s Steak House

1. Finding As we drove thru Kea‘au, we passed a strip mall. There was a gas station, a grocery store, a health food store and a couple restaurants. It was dinner time. We were hungry. The parking lot was full. And a crowd was at Hokulani’s Steak House. So we decided this was the place […]


One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world. — Malala Yousafzi at the UN

The Top of Puu Huluhulu

Sorry, yet another about our hike along the Napau Trail. This should do it, though… Along the way there were deep fissures and gashes green with leafy things clinging precariously to the edge of yawning chasms that disappeared into blackness.     There was evidence of trunks burned to vapors by the lava: round gaps […]


Yes, I’m still still talking about hiking the Napau Trail… We got to marker #10. Trudy sat down to read from the guide. Here, the couple from Arkansas who were ahead of us on the trail turned back when a sign for #16 appeared and confused them. Now, you must understand who it was that […]