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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Tunnel of Trees

I’m remembering this. Almost two years ago. An excuse to draw, I suppose. But not a bad something to remember. Do you?

Doggerel By Another Name

What do you think of when you look at this? Paint by numbers. I sat there silent for a moment, staring at the screen. She started laughing. What? There’s nothing wrong with that. I loved paint by numbers. I nodded, smiling. She walked toward the door, smiling. I think I’ll leave now.

Apple Blossoms

In these days of negative temperatures in the Northeast and snow-snarled traffic jams shutting down cities, I hesitate to talk about the weather. I hesitate to talk about how the cold front came thru and passed right by, leaving blue skies and sunshine and warm temperatures behind. I hesitate to talk about the mid-80s that […]

Not Like This

The sky is clear. The sun is out. The leaves of the Monterey Oak are shining green/orange/brown. The ice of yesterday in the bird bath is melted now and warm. Bill is in his front yard in short sleeves and shorts mowing his yard. It’s certainly not like this here.

Some Dog Indeed


New Moon + 1

Thursday was the new moon. The sky was clear. The sun had just set. But there was no sign of it. Try as I might from behind the wheel on the commute home, peer as much as I might try at the darkening sky in the west, I could see nothing, not even a thin, […]