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Monthly Archives: September 2014


I played a video for them. They were sitting in their desks and standing in the back of the room and sitting on the floor in the front. It was a time lapse video of the northern lights. I played it to show them the wheeling stars and beauty of a cold winterscape and to […]

It Could Happen

1. Julia didn’t sleep at all that night. Even though Jack and Katherine fell fast asleep. Even though they had been up late, and she should have been tired; she was not. And she didn’t sleep a wink. The images and the sounds of … that place … swirled through her head. She could smell […]

Knowing Acorns For What They Are

We’re standing there in the parking lot. Standing in a circle waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. Waiting for our workout to begin. There was a loud bang and some oblong green thing the size of the tip of your thumb bounced off the trunk of a car and rolled on the […]

They’re Staring at Me

They’re staring at me. Both of them. Just sitting and standing there staring silently directly at me. It’s only 4:30. No, you can’t have dinner yet. That’s what I get for feeding them early before I went out last night. And darn it, now I’m hungry, too! Thanks a lot, doggies.

Advanced Linear Algebra for Engineers

Welcome to E 501. I’m happy to be here this morning; I hope you all are, too. Just to make sure… this is E 501, Advanced Linear Algebra for Engineers. If you’re in the wrong place feel free to leave now and find the classroom you’re looking for. You’re welcome to stick around, of course, […]

In the Drizzle

In the drizzle out there somewhere is a beetle trying to stay dry. That beetle that was lumbering along on that log beneath the Live Oak trees. Lumbering along and then climbing up a Morning Glory vine in search of … something. And in the drizzle out there somewhere is a lizard trying to stay […]

The Girl in Blue

I thought we were starting the conversation back up. So did I. Well, where have you been. What are you waiting for? Um… How about you tell us a story. A story. Well, it just happens I have one to tell. Perfect. I’ll sit here and be quiet. The floor is yours. This is the […]

That Last Light of Day

It was hot this afternoon when the sun was up. And running the hills was grueling. My pace couldn’t have been more than a walk on that last climb. But now it was over. The sun had just set behind the hills. A breeze was blowing in the open windows of my car as I […]