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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Unit Tests and Towels

Tue, 24 Mar 2015, 08:39 PM (-06:00)

“Oh,” I groan as I shut my laptop. “I can’t keep doing this.” It’s long since been dark outside. It’s getting late. I can barely keep my eyes open.  Trudy laughs from the other room. “What are you chuckling at?” I ask as I wander that way. “I was wondering when you’d figure that out,” […]

Vignettes from a Frisbee Tournament

Mon, 23 Mar 2015, 09:31 PM (-06:00)

1. Upping The Score A leading edge of dark clouds just passed over the sun. It’s mercifully cooler. A gentle breeze blowing out of the southwest. Blowing those clouds this way. Clouds dropping rain somewhere in the distance. And the Pie Queens just upped the score 9-3. 2. Comes Smashing Down In the distance on […]

What Sunshine Can Do

Mon, 23 Mar 2015, 09:03 PM (-06:00)

They say it’s not as bad as it was yesterday. On the first day of the tournament, the sky was black and rain fell in torrents. The university close the intramural fields, so their games got moved to San Marcos, where I guess they don’t care as much. And the girls say that these fields […]


Sat, 14 Mar 2015, 10:17 PM (-06:00)


Thu, 12 Mar 2015, 09:23 PM (-06:00)

“I’ll do the signs,” he said.  “The signs?” “You know… The jaws that bite…” and he made a biting motion with his mouth. “The claws that snatch…” and he made a clawing motion with his fingers in the air. Today was the Culture Fair, a day when parents come in and share tasty treats from […]

In Duplicate

Wed, 11 Mar 2015, 09:13 PM (-06:00)

What did we do that day? Science. We did science. Or was it math? Because there were numbers. Or was it writing? Because they had to write notes in their notebooks. Or was it art? Because they got to decide how to draw tables to hold the data that they collected and assembled in the […]


Mon, 9 Mar 2015, 09:40 PM (-06:00)

A man sits on a bench in the middle of the room looking up at the wall. A woman walks in the doorway looking at a different wall. Colors and shapes stare back at them. What are you lookin’ at?

What the Doctor Said

Sun, 8 Mar 2015, 05:27 PM (-06:00)

“Your problem,” the doctor told me, “is that you have no butt.” Well, I thought. That’s a fine thing. And now maybe I can go get me a gallon of Moo-llennium Crunch. That’s what I was thinking, but then she added something about the next phase of therapy focusing on building up my gluteal muscles. […]