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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Trees and Toads and Roaches

1.  The rain continued to fall, today. Hours of it. Delicious hours of it. Half the day. Delicious. At least the trees are likely of that opinion. On the other hand, our neighbors a block down the street might see it differently. Runoff there tends to course down the center of their block, racing thru […]


Oh you’re gonna miss me baby And I’ll be so far away Oh you’re gonna miss me baby And I’ll be so far away

Lake Levels

It has been raining, of late. The tomatoes and the cucumbers and the peppers and watermelon and grass and trees and weeds are celebrating with a showy show — green, the likes of which we haven’t seen in many years. According the the Lower Colorado River Authority, two weeks ago, 14 days precisely at this […]

A Long Time Ago

Ranga and I work together. I’m an engineer on the project. He’s a product manager. We had just ordered our lunch and were standing there looking at all the soups on the menu. We spoke about our plans for a week-long company event in the summer. He is going up the weekend before. I am […]

Country Dogs

Outside it was cool and crisp. There was a slight breeze blowing. We took the dogs for a walk. We took them for a walk into the night. Into the fresh air washed clean from the rains of the day. Down the block. Over to a vacant field where the wildflowers have been left to […]

Night Thoughts

Something woke me up.  In the dark, in the bed, I turned over. But at that moment, the same thing that woke me up must have startled Izzy, because she woofed once and that started barking loudly as she ran out into the living room, barking madly thru the screen door at something in the […]

Lagrange Points

I was sitting at the keyboard trying to deal with NuGet packages that were there but weren’t there. I was just about to restart Visual Studio when I got a text from Ben. “I’ll come over tomorrow night before it gets too late…” it started out. That’s a good thing, I thought, him coming over […]

Texas Arboretum

1. We stood on the crushed granite trail on the hilltop gazing beyond the grass waving in the wind. Beyond the faded Bluebonnets. Beyond the explosion of orange and yellow Indian Blankets growing among the grasses. Beyond the clusters of Oaks.  Clouds floated by. The sun shined. The sky was blue. Trudy held her face into […]

I wrote it

Really? What? … Really what? Girl sliding down the slide? Caterpillar in the grass? What is wrong with you? What do you mean? Why do you write that stuff? No one wants to hear that crap. … I mean, come on. Really. You’re gone for most of a month and you come back with that!? […]

The Second Time

She toddled around a bit at the base of the playscape, looking up at her father who was looking down at her. It didn’t seem as if she had been there before. Other older kids were running and biking and laughing and screaming all around her. She turned away from her father to watch them. […]