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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Your Primrose

Sat, 30 Apr 2016, 11:54 PM (-06:00)

You know that salvia you brought back from the wildflower center years ago? The one that made me grumble because it wasn’t salvia? (I’ve spoken of it before.) You remember how I’ve told you in the ensuing years that it’s some kind of wild-ish primrose? How it has happily crept over the years in the […]

The Bunting that the Rains Brought In

Sat, 30 Apr 2016, 11:10 AM (-06:00)

We sat on the bench enjoying the soft ground and the cool fresh air that last night’s storm brought — and look what else.

Eat a Peach

Wed, 27 Apr 2016, 08:23 PM (-06:00)

We went out with the dogs, she and I, just as evening spread out against the sky, as the heat of the day lifted, leaving a cool breeze behind. We walked across the soccer field and around the track and back. And when we got home, as she stood in the kitchen reading her phone, […]


Wed, 27 Apr 2016, 08:09 PM (-06:00)

Vyas and I had just finished testing our software. It was an end-to-end test of some automated data flows: moving data about, transforming it, passing it on to other systems and finally modifying the output of a web application. The two of us had worked closely for a couple weeks, and we were in a mood […]

Blossom and Bird and Berries and Bird

Mon, 25 Apr 2016, 09:48 AM (-06:00)

And just in case you don’t quite understand the aforesaid fascination of blossoms and bees and berries and birds, I submit the following for your consideration.

Cast Party

Mon, 25 Apr 2016, 01:47 AM (-06:00)

As Trudy and Izzy celebrated the last show of Legally Blonde, I sat in the front yard watching the afternoon sun light up the orange and pink blossoms of the Coneflowers. I was feeling guilty, having participated not one iota in Miss Izzy’s stage debut, leaving the training and logistics to the fair and industrious […]

Ruler of The Queen’s Navy

Thu, 21 Apr 2016, 05:36 PM (-06:00)

We used to play a game in our family in which one of us would sing the first word of a song, and the others would guess what song it was. I know it doesn’t sound as if it would work, but it did. If no one got it at first, we’d go around again […]

Taken Back to Michigan

Wed, 20 Apr 2016, 10:10 PM (-06:00)

I worked late today. The fair and industrious Trudy had taken Miss Izzy to the university, where she (Miss Izzy) has a speaking role in a musical version of Legally Blonde. It’s been a lot of work training Miss Izzy and carting her off to campus to hang out with her theater friends, and I […]

Watching the Rain Come Down

Tue, 19 Apr 2016, 05:55 AM (-06:00)

The rain started falling lightly just at the moment of maximum entropy as I was digging in the dirt and emptying the rain barrel and moving heavy rocks and landscape timbers and carting around wheelbarrows of dirt. As it started falling harder, I slowly began to reassemble the furies I had unleashed and one-by-one put […]

The Better Day

Mon, 18 Apr 2016, 10:03 PM (-06:00)

Boston was today. What you have been training for over these many months. And from a distance, from a long distance with a hot cup of coffee on the desk beside me, I brought up the race-tracker and prepared to follow your trek from Hopkinson to the finish line. What was it? Wave 3? And […]