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Some People on New Year’s Day

Mon, 1 Jan 2018, 10:46 PM (-06:00) Creative Commons License

Ben and Marie-Claire, who texted us in the morning. “We’re on our way.” They’re coming over to finish the LoTR Risk game we started yesterday. And they’re right on time. Let’s chalk that up to her. Marie-Claire wins the game in a nail-biter, with Trudy coming in second — the forces of good yet again overcoming the forces of evil on Middle Earth.

Brooks and Sandy, Billy and Molly, Chris and Anastasia and a fuzzy white dog named Buffy, who were out companions for black beans. And ham. And the best corned beef you’ve ever tasted. And biscuits with a slab of butter. And Trudy’s cornbread cooked in Nani’s square skillet — also with a slab of butter.

Zelda and Steve whom Trudy has known forever. And Alex and Zane and Parker who have grown like weeds. “At first, we thought you had friends over. Who’s are all the vehicles in your driveway? Wait. The boys are driving!?”

Brother Ben who texted me about -2F and 2F in Chicago. And 93F in Perth where they will soon be going to watch a little Ultimate Frisbee in action and which temperature causes him some anxiety because … well, because he’s from the Midwest where 93 is considered hot (!).

And Brother Ben who texted me again to tell me the tie score in the Rose Bowl double overtime, because he doesn’t stay on topic (temperature) and because he never has fully accepted that I’m a bit … slow on the uptake with college sports. Yet he never gives up. He doesn’t hold it against me. And he doesn’t know how grateful I am for his unfailing, multi-topic, sometimes-sports micro-messages, because I’m horrible at letting him know what a joy they are in my life — my editorial commentary notwithstanding.

Faye, who was bundled up in bed when we got to her home at 6:30. Who quietly looked at the New Year’s card we made for her. Who no longer speaks. And who looks out with quiet, shining eyes that are impossible to read.

Bill, who was out hunting in the dark in the cold. Who had no luck but lost the keys to his four-wheeler and asked for help pushing it back into his backyard. And who will probably not know quite how to react to the pastel/artsy New Year’s card from the two of us.

And finally, for Ben and Marie-Claire again, who were still here at the end of the day when we returned, a fact that made us somehow happy — to have them bracket our New Year’s Day.

© jumpingfish by David Hasan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License