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Monthly Archives: February 2018

Hops & Grain

It was the Hops & Grain Beer Run, part of the 2018 Texas Brewery running series. The fair and industrious Trudy ran 5K. She was planning to go alone since she’s registered for the series, and most of my Saturdays are spoken for for a while, but I had this weekend off, so I was […]


1. Excuse Me The sky was blue. The sun was shining. The dogs and I were returning from a long walk at the soccer fields, which are green-green-green from the rains of the last few days. We were making the last corner and heading to home, when I saw Dirk, a boy from down the […]

Miss Lucy

One Door Down “You want the office one door down,” the woman in the office said. “You can get your parking sticker there at 8:45.” That was more than an hour away. “Can I just come back some time during the day?” “Oh no,” they’ll only be there until five to nine. The parking sticker […]

Guy in Dreads

I was busy most of the day, yesterday. At some point, I don’t remember when, my phone shook. I was busy so I didn’t look at it until later during a break. It was a number I didn’t recognize. The message was as follows. This new york I wasn’t quite sure what to make of […]

Penrose and Homer

This is what sits on the table beside the bed: a cup of black coffee, some valentines cards, the phone, the answering machine, and two stacks of books. At the top making little waves is a book that arrived the other day — Lifelong Kindergarten. Someone knows me well. I thought perhaps my mother, but she […]

The Meat Grinder

When it was his turn, he got up and pulled something out of the bag next to his chair. Literally: he pulled it out of the bag. Open with a hook, they had said. So he decided to open his lesson on functions with a visual prop: his grandmother’s meat grinder, which he pulled out […]

Some Kind of Stress Dream

Don’t ask me where I was, but there was bombing going on, and there were drones in the sky with infrared scanners that could see you if you went outside. So I was hiding inside an empty house in an empty bedroom behind a door. Trudy had left the day before. And she had take […]

Good Days

Good Day Faye had a good day the other day. Trudy said it was clear from her eyes that something had changed for the better. She was looking around. Her eyes sparkled and made contact. She answered questions, yes/no shaking her head up and down or side-to-side. And she spoke for the first time in months. […]