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Enough Special Relativity

“You want to come with me and the dogs?” she asked me from the doorway. “It’s beautiful out there.”

I had been inside most of the day, struggling to figure out what I need to absorb about Special Relativity that they’re likely to ask on the test.

“No,” I mumbled. “I can’t.”

It was late in the day. The lavender blossoms of the Verbena where glowing in the slanting light. The sun was warm. The fair and industrious Trudy left on a long walk. Izzy and Charlie were certainly relieved that there was someone other than that man to take them out. Because that boring man had been in that chair all day.

Now the day is done. I’m afraid to say that if the questions aren’t relatively straightforward problems about length contraction or time dilation, … well I’ll just have to move to the next question. Because a full day of Special Relativity is frankly enough.