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Magical Backyard Light

It’s going to be 100 degrees soon. I need to go out for that jog before the heat of this day arrives in earnest. But that can wait just a moment longer… The light in the backyard is magical. The flowers of spring are still enjoying the (relative) cool of morning, but even that will soon be gone.

There is Trudy’s Heartleaf Skullcap which has exploded this year to consume the entire plant bed outside our bedroom window.

There is the Bergamot against the fence which has exploded this year in spite of the best efforts of the Texas Walnut to allelopathically clear the understory of any competition.

There is the Desert Willow, that seems to suspect its days are numbered and is pushing out blossoms and new growth with abandon.

And of course there is the Cone Flower.

And now it is time to get that running in.