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Retirement’s End

I have been in pseudo-retirement for two and a half months.

In late April I quit my job to focus on my alternative certification class. I had been struggling to find time for the class while I working and commuting. So I quit. Goodbye work. Goodbye commute. Hello pseudo-retirement.

I found myself with plenty of time left over after the Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday classes and the associated homework. Good thing, too. The yard was in need of attention. And someone needed to be at home everyday to deal with the unpredictable schedule our kitchen remodel contractor set (or didn’t set, as the case may be). Oh, and there were library books to read. And dogs to pamper.

Kinda sounds like retirement to me. But that is coming to a close.

As of a couple weeks ago, they say I am an officially contracted teacher in the Bastrop Independent School District. On Monday, I start a week of professional development training along with my future teacher colleagues — full days Monday thru Thursday. I’m also enrolled in a full-day alternative certification class on Friday. Following that, I will take my ESL certification test (which I should be studying for right now), and then more than a week of teacher orientation and development at the high school. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to see what my classroom looks like. All I know is that I’m going to teach Algebra II.

When all that development and training finishes, there’s… Well, there’s school!

So today qualifies, I guess, as my last day of pseudo-retirement. It was great while it lasted!