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Vanilla Milkshake

Today was “day one”, except that it wasn’t. It was in the sense that I spent the entire day at the high school. It wasn’t in the sense that school hasn’t started yet. It was a professional development day. I took two classes related to some of the online tools we’ll be using.

Today was hot. No doubt about it. Today was definitely hot. It got up to 110. (That’s the air temperature, dad. Not the humidex.) After the sun went down, it was still 98. The term blast furnace comes to mind.

To celebrate the “day one” that wasn’t, to give myself a treat, and for a break from the heat, I stopped and had a milkshake on the way home. I haven’t had one for many years. I don’t need the sugar. And in any event, my throat has never regained it’s ability to tolerate sugar, so sweets hurt as I swallow. Yet here I was at the end of the day, turning into the PTerry’s parking lot. 

The sugar cravings of the human brain are slow to fade, and since it was (and wasn’t) “day one”, and since it was so hot today, I had a milkshake. My throat didn’t like it. And I felt lousy for an hour or two afterwards. But I had a vanilla milkshake. Ok?

And… well, I don’t think I need to do that again.