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Frankenstein Shoes

Did I tell you how much my feet hurt those first few days? Yes, I did.

Each night I would go to bed thinking, “It’s not possible these feet will recover by morning.” Yet, each morning they were better, only to be beat to a pulp that day with the cycle starting over again.

Finally, I went and got me some new shoes. They aren’t exactly stylish, but they spoke to me (to my feet) from the moment I put them on. And once I started wearing them, the daily foot anguish was gone — completely gone. Happy feet.

So I have some shoes that make me look something like a cross between a Frankenstein monster and a nurse doing rounds. (Although to be honest, I recognize that my teacher’s sore feet can’t possibly approach what nurses must deal with on their long shifts.)

So now, I go to school in the morning wondering whether the kids notice the shoes, but to tell the truth I don’t care, because my feet are no longer sore! And in any event, one day or two out of the week, I wear more fashionable shoes — shoes that used to hurt to high heaven but for which I found gel heel cushions that have softened the daily blows sufficiently for me to walk in style a while. Well maybe not really in style. And anyway it’s only once in a while

…because my Frankenstein shoes are what my feet sorely needed.