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Monthly Archives: January 2020

Customer Service

Mon, 20 Jan 2020, 01:17 PM (-06:00)

1. What Andrea Told Me I was stranded in Dallas. It was Friday on a three day weekend. I had just arrived at Love Field to catch a connecting flight to Chicago Midway, but that flight was cancelled due to a winter storm. At the customer service desk, I spoke to a woman named Andrea. […]

A Seven Hour Commute

Mon, 20 Jan 2020, 10:58 AM (-06:00)

1. The Usual Commute People are sorry that I have commute to Bastrop to teach. How unfortunate, I imagine it goes, that he must drive so far. But here’s the thing of it. There is time, and there is space. Yes, it is farther than I have commuted before, but it is briefer than the […]

A Girl of Few Words

Sun, 19 Jan 2020, 05:13 PM (-06:00)

1. Boarding the Plane I had boarding pass C12. The plane was mostly full. It was going be hard to find a seat like this which had enough room for my backpack in the nearby overhead bins. There was a middle seat available in Row 2.  “Is that seat taken?” I asked the woman in […]

The Number 7 Slot

Sun, 12 Jan 2020, 10:23 PM (-06:00)

It was Friday afternoon of the first week back at school. Week one is difficult for me. My feet start hurting again. My voice falters and Throat Coat is in order. I am tired, even though we just had two weeks off. I know it will be better next week, but it just doesn’t seem […]

Anand Giridharadas

Sun, 12 Jan 2020, 01:55 PM (-06:00)

Anand Giridharadas, as his about page begins, is a writer. He is the author most recently of Winners Take All which sadly, in spite of a valiant go last summer, I have not finished. (So many books, so little time.) Why I didn’t stick with it, is beyond me. His writing is a joy to read, […]

Transparency For The Holidays

Sun, 5 Jan 2020, 11:05 PM (-06:00)

The Chachi comes down here, sometimes. Stays here, or stays downtown in the hippest part of the city where walking is entirely sufficient unto whatever the day might bring. Walking works here, too, but this place here is far from hip. And she came here in December. When we said “Come on down” to her […]

Where’s Your Brother?

Fri, 3 Jan 2020, 01:39 PM (-06:00)

“Where’s your brother?” I asked Izzy. She had been barking at the front door and then barking at the back. When the frantic cacophony dissipated, I realized that Charlie was no longer in his bed by the fireplace that we never use. Loud noises startle him, and her barking certainly qualifies. Izzy didn’t answer my […]