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Finding A Mistake

The two girls sit next to each other near the front of the class. When I created a new seating chart after the holidays, they asked to stay next to each other, and I gladly complied. They always work hard. They always get the work done before the end of class. I like to think that they enjoy doing the math.

He came up to the front of the class and sat at their desk. 

“What did you get for this one?” the girls asked him. 

“Um… Let me go look at my paper. I solved it, but I worked it in my head.”

He returned to his desk in the back of the room.

“See?” one of the girls whispered to the other. “We’re getting help from a smart person.”

The two of them giggled.

He came back and was soon teaching them how to solve the problem. But after a few moments, there was some commotion. The two girls had evidently found an error, a mistake a smart person made.

“Ohhh,” he groaned, slapping his forehead. “I’m so stupid!”

He got up and ran back to his desk to fix his paper.

The girls looked at each other. They smiled, winked at each other, laughed, and then gave each other a high-five.