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Let It Be

I now send my students and their parents/guardians a message each day. I sent this out this morning. Perhaps it applies to a wider audience, too.

Hi y’all.
When I was in middle school (a long time ago), I recall a running controversy. “Who do you like better, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?” 
At the time I couldn’t imagine why there was even a question… of course The Beatles were better. How could anyone think otherwise!? Still… with the passing of the years, I find myself tuning out The Beatles and turning up The Stones. Not sure what that means, but there you have it.
However, there is “Let It Be.” 
So for today, here’s a link to a remastered recording of Let It Be. If you don’t know it already, you should. :-) Lyrics here.
(I know that not all of you have internet data. So not all of you can play it. Ask me when we get back, and I’ll play it loudly in class.)
...when the night is cloudy… there is a light that shines…
Be well. And if you can, try to spend some time doing that math I talked about the other day.  :-)
I’ll be in touch again soon. You are awesome.