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A Leisurely Stroll

After a full day of environmental consulting from home, the fair and industrious Trudy headed out to Costco. I did not go along — no need to double the size of our target, and anyway, my contribution was in the 60+ line at Whole Foods and hour before opening this morning. (Age has its privileges. But I am not over 60 yet, so I am not yet in that demographic. I have two days left.)

Instead of a Costco run, Izzy and I took a leisurely stroll.

We saw two girls taking a video of a caterpillar climbing the trunk of a tree. We saw yellow and red Indian Blankets blanketing a neighbors’ yard. We saw Prairie Verbena with lavender blossoms and Blue Eyed Grass colonizing the soccer fields.

We looked for Oak saplings in the grassland that the middle school kids are creating in that field. Last fall, I did some guerrilla acorn planting there, but there was nothing to show for it except the grasses waving in the wind and a fluttering bird that we startled. That the little grassland is now an avian habitat is something, I suppose, but I was hoping for evidence of Oaks.

We saw a man throwing a frisbee. He threw it hard, and his barking dog would excitedly dash off only to stop well short of halfway from where the disc landed. Not much of a frisbee dog. Izzy seemed never noticed. Not much of a frisbee dog, either.

And finally, somewhere in the distance, I heard bagpipes. At least I think I did.

Ok, stop it. there are two days before I am formally over sixty. You may snicker at the bagpipes then.