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Very Suspicious

It was the second day of final exams. The first period students were coming into the room. I was passing out the answer forms — half-sheets of paper with a box for each multiple choice answer.

This class never gets multiple choice tests. They didn’t know what to make of it.

“Is that all!?” one of them asked before he had even looked at the paper.

“No, it’s the answer sheet,” I said.

“How many problems?” he asked, evidently still not having looked at the paper which consisted of little more than 17 numbered boxes.

“Seventeen,” I said.

“Is that all?” someone else said in a tone of sincere surprise.

“Wait,” I said, turning toward them. “You mean you want me to put more problems on the test?”

“No, no, no!”

I looked down at my desk to take attendance.

“Very suspicious,” one of them mumbled. “Mr. Hasan giving a multiple choice test. Very suspicious.”