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Dress Up

Sun, 17 Sep 2023, 10:12 AM (-06:00) Creative Commons License

There was a different theme every day before the Homecoming game. One day was Dress Like Your Bestie. The next was Dress Like Barbie. On Friday, students were asked to dress like teachers and teachers like students.

1. Midriff

The week before, after the announcements, I told 2nd period that I’d be wearing a midriff on Friday — against dress code, very much like a student. The students laughed. 

“Just kidding,” I quickly followed-up. “The last thing any of you want to see is my midsection.”

Friday came. I hadn’t dressed up all week. I have no clothes to dress like my fair and industrious bestie. And there’s no pink in my closet (or hers, as far as I know). When Friday came, I just had on another plaid collared shirt and some khakis. 

We were discussing horizontal compressions. As I was cautioning them about the reciprocal of B, one of the girls raised her hand meekly. I made my way to her as I was talking and then asked, “What’s up?” 

“It’s your…,” she whispered politely. “Um… your shirt button…”

I reached down to find a button unbuttoned and my belly exposed. She might have been whispering, but everyone heard. They watched to see my reaction. I just buttoned it shut and continued warning them about B.

Then I said, “Looks like I wore a midriff, anyway. I told you you didn’t want to see it!”

2. Bowtie

After eighth period at the end of the day, two familiar faces from last year appeared the doorway.

“Mr. Hasan!” Brandon said. 

He was wearing a plaid shirt and khaki pants. Although he didn’t wear glasses last year, now he had wire-rimmed glasses on. His hair was parted differently — on the side. And the collar of his shirt was fastened with a bow tie. Eloy was standing next to him holding his phone.

“I’m dressed like Mr. Hasan, Mr. Hasan!” Brandon said. 

“Like me?” I objected. “But… but I don’t wear a bow tie.” 

“The yearbook wants to take a picture. Is that ok?”

Eloy was raising his phone.

“Ok,” I said. “Sure. Go ahead.”

I put my arm on Brandon’s shoulder and we stood there in our plaid shirts and khakis and wire-rimmed glasses and smiled for Eloy as he captured it for posterity.

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