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Beginning to Wonder

“What are you doing, man?” “What do you mean?” “That Occupy Austin thing. Why on Earth are you wasting your time with that?” He stands there thinking for a while. “It’s a movement,” he said. “A movement that captures the spirit of what I think is wonderful with this country to characterize what has me […]

That Wasn’t My Experience

“I didn’t see the woman with the brace,” she said from the other room. “What?” I asked. I was trying to find a Friday movie for us to go to and was having trouble figuring out what she was mumbling about. “I didn’t see that woman. It was your own experience.” The wheels turned a […]

Editing By Hand

I’m sitting here with a journal in my lap and a pen in my hand (a fountain pen with green ink, no less). I’m writing the old fashioned way. Trudy says this journal has become our camping journal, since that’s pretty much the only time I write this way, anymore. Such are the downsides of […]