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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Opening Day

Thousands of people showed up for opening day. Bert, Trudy and I took the bus to get there. A new building looking out on the river under blue skies and a shining sun. A line winding slowly up the stairs. Kids with smiles dashing here and there. Groups gathering in conference rooms behind tall glass […]


On the way out, we passed our street address hanging against the house. Bert turned and pointed and said, “Nice.” “Yeah,” Trudy said. “Isn’t it? David made it.” “Who!?” Bert said. My reputation precedes me.

Harvey 3

It was late in the day. We were standing in the driveway leaning against the dumpster that was filling up fast because it was closer to the house than the piles along the street. A pickup drove slowly by, the driver leaning out of his window looking for cast-off things to scrounge. He looked up and waved. […]

Harvey 2

1. Supplies Sometime in the morning… “Do you need anything?” a woman asked as she got out of a van that had stopped in front of the house. They gave us a roll of heavy duty garbage bags and a bucket and a mop and a broom and sponges and gloves and breathing masks and […]


1. There’s No Getting Out Category 4 Hurricane Harvey hit Houston hard. It hit Dickinson harder. Whereas hurricane rain usually comes in waves, raining hard when the arms of the storm pass overhead and letting up in between, in Dickinson there was no let up. It just kept raining. It started Friday. It was coming down hard […]

Long Road Home

This is a very long story about my return trip from Lexington to Austin. I like the story. It was kind of an adventure. But I’ll acknowledge up front, that it’s not action-packed, and so your return on investment in reading this might be limited. I will not be offended if you take a pass.  […]

In Front of the Classes

1. Getting to School On Time Jenny and Mark had left along with the kids a while ago. They had to be at school on time — the kids in their classes, Jenny and Mark in charge of theirs. I got to hang out at their house a bit longer, sit with Zeus in the […]

Total Eclipse of the Sun

1. The Plan I’ll be honest. My real interest in going to see my cousin and her family was not the eclipse. It was spending time with them. And when I realized that Somerset was in 98% totality, I was starting to tell myself, “That’s pretty darned close. Do you really want to drive two […]

We Would Love to Have You Stay

“Please know,” Jenny said, “that we would love to have you stay here for the eclipse.” It didn’t sink in at first that this was my cousin, because I had been texting about lightning bugs with her kids. (You can never be quite sure who is on the other end of texts to her.) “Not […]

Looking Out on the Water

With a couple pulleys, a long rope, a truck and some yelling up and down the hill (“Go!” now “Slow!” now “Stop!”), we disassembled the sections of the dock, floated them over to the beach, and pulled them up onto the sand where the action of melting ice in the spring is unlikely to coax […]